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  • Discrete
  • Bank independent
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    Swiss Discretion and Security.

    Physical precious metals in Switzerland:
    Safe. Discreet. Flexible.

    Bar9 GmbH, based in Berlin, helps you to protect parts of your assets against inflation, banking and government crises. For this purpose, you buy physical gold, silver or other precious metals and store them fully insured via Bar9 in the high-security storage facility “Embraport” (at Zurich Airport) in Switzerland.


    Bar9 is fully bank-independent. Therefore you benefit from a level of discretion never before seen.

    For silver, platinum and palladium you also save VAT: By storing them in a so-called duty-free warehouse, your precious metal purchase remains VAT-free!

    All precious metals are your legal property. You can sell gold or silver back to Br9 down to the cent so you can always get cash when you need it. This is very different to other hard assets like land or property.

    Three easy steps to securing your wealth in physical gold and silver 

    1. Open your vault

    Simply register in under 6 minutes.

    Open account now!

    2. Place a purchase order

    In just a few clicks you can choose how many grams of gold or silver you wish to secure. You will be given an invoice which you can then easily pay through a SEPA transfer.

    3. Stay flexible

    At anytime day or night you can sell your gold or silver and have spending money back in your account. Bar9 operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week  365 days a year. Welcome to the future of saving in real assets!

    Own your money

    Buy, sell and hold fully allocated gold and silver tax free. While paper money is created, controlled and owned by a federal bank or governments, with Bar9 only you are the legal owner of your holdings.

    Instant access through SEPA

    Get instant access to your savings whenever you need them. Withdraw your holdings with a simple SEPA transaction.

    Top-tier vault Embraport Zurich

    Your assets are stored in one of the most proven and respected storage facilities in Switzerland (Embraport near Airport Zurich). They are fully insured by Helvetia AG and regularly audited by BDO International.

    No value added tax (VAT)

    Your silver holdings are secured through Bar9 in a special so-called Swiss duty free vault. Thus you save the full VAT when buying and selling physical silver, which in some countries is up to 21%!

    A flexible way to store value

    Convert your gold and silver back to traditional currency with a click of a button. From certain quantities you can also have gold sent to you or collect it directly from the Bar9 vault in Switzerland.

    Instantly sell your metals back for fiat

    You can easily sell your gold and silver and receive Euros in your account  super fast, by using SEPA. This means you have the security of bank independent gold bullion with the convenience of modern banking rails. 

    Your gold is fully insured by Helvetia AG & audited by BDO International

    Open your account in under 6 minutes

    It has never been easier to protect your financial future and take full control of your money.

    After launching Bar9 we were blown away by the interest for an easy way to buy and sell physical gold and silver in a safe region like Switzerland.

    Over 21,000 customers now secure over 20 million Euros worth of physical gold through the Bar9 / Vaultoro Group. 

    Philip Scigala

    CEO Bar9 GmbH

    We are driven by the desire to give everyone the privilege of using a top tier vaulting facility in Switzerland.

    Nowadays anyone should have access to these high-end facilities and save in physical gold and silver. This is the reason we have been so popular. 

    Joshua Scigala

    CEO Vaultoro Group

    The fastest way to own physical gold

    Important Info

    Dear customers,

    The COVID-19 situation on the precious metal markets is very tense, the physical markets are almost sold out.

    For Bar9 this means:

    Gold purchases of up to 50,000 can currently still be easily processed online in your Bar9 account.

    For larger gold orders and for purchases of silver, platinum and palladium, please contact us individually. Please use the following contact form. We will call you back immediately or write you an e-mail.

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