A Focus on one target

The Enhancement of Personal Freedom

The team of Bar9 knows that investing in precious metals is about becoming more independent. It is about increasing your personal freedom – and being able to sleep well at night knowing that your investment and savings portfolio is secure from the risks of the global banking system, inflation and geopolitical turbulence. To do so, however, gold and silver must be purchased correctly and secured safely.

This is what Bar9 stands for.




Backed by one of the most innovative leaders in the industry 

Bar9 is a brand of the Vaultoro Limited.

Vaultoro was the first in the world to make gold trading possible for cryptocurrency users as covered by Bloomberg, Nasdaq, Reuters and many others. More than 21,000 customers trust the Vaultoro Group, which manages precious metals worth more than €20 million for its customers. Since 2015 Vaultoro Group has traded more than €110 million Euros in precious metals.



Gold Traded

“At Bar9 you will experience a customer service that is second to none: competent, private and fast with the goal of getting better every day.”

“Gold and silver investors need absolute discretion and the maximum quality and speed in settlement. We take care of that!”

“Reliability – that is what you can expect at Bar9!“


Facilities, Insurance and Auditing

Founded in 2003, pro aurum today is a competence centre for precious metals in the DACH-region. Bar9 trades it’s clients gold and silver with the pro aurum Swiss branch. pro aurum Switzerland is also managing the top-tier vaulting facility, used by Bar9 GmbH.

Die Mobiliar Insurance

Mobiliar Insurance AG was established in 1826 and is headquartered in Bern Switzerland. All assets secured through Bar9 are 100% insured against theft, fire and more.


BDO is one of the largest auditing firms in the world with a revenue of 9.6 billion in 2019. Bar 9 customers can sleep secure knowing that all metals have been independently verified to be at full reserve by BDO. 


Our Mission

A fair, global financial system for everyone

When you deposit money into a regular bank, it is no longer your legal property but becomes the bank’s property, with only a promise to pay you back when you want it. They pay you interest for this privilege. The reason is that the banks can take your money and speculate with it to earn more. Doing this works most of the time until it doesn’t. When another global financial crisis breaks out, banks will once again go bankrupt. The savers at those banks will carry high risks.


At Bar9, savers buy physical allocated gold and silver that is secured in their name as their legal property. Bar9 cannot speculate with it and if anything happens to the Bar9 GmbH, liquidators can’t touch the client’s assets. Traditionally it was only the wealthy that could afford to use private top-tier vaulting facilities to secure their wealth.  Bar9 enables anyone around the world to save in fully allocated and insured gold and silver bullion that is outside of the banking system, bringing peace of mind to you and your loved ones.

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