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Easy Pricing

Price tables do not need to be complicated! At Bar9 you benefit from a simple and fair price system.


Every competitor charges transaction fees every time someone buys and sells. We do not charge you anything.



With 1000 € worth of gold in your vault, you would pay 6€ per year. That covers your storage, insurance and auditing. The storage fee is calculated daily but billed monthly to your account.

0.05% / month        0,6% / year


Vaulting Fee Gold (includes insurance and auditing costs) per month / per year 0,05% / 0,6%
Trading Fee Gold   0
SEPA transaction Fee to and from Bar9   0
Costs for Account opening / account closing   0
Physical Delivery of Gold Bars Minimum amount: 100 grams or a multiple  
  Cost per 100 gram bar  
to Germany, Switzerland 150 EUR
to Belgium, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Czech Republic 160 EUR
to Poland, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Denmark, France, United Kingdom, Monaco, Austria, Sweden, Finland 170 EUR
to Bulgaria, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Rumania, Hungary 180 EUR
to Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain 190 EUR
to Malta, Norway, Republic Cyprus on request
Cost per 1 kilo bar on request
Physical Pick Up of Gold Bars Minimum amount: 1 kilo or a multiple 1,90%
Vaulting Fee for storage With Personal Ingot Numbers Minimum amount: 250.000 EUR
per year: 1,50%
per month: 0,125%


Trade prices


Bar9 precious metal prices are calculated on the basis of the current gold and silver price on the largest precious metal trading exchanges (Hong Kong, London, New York Nymex, New York Globex, Sydney). This globally valid basic gold price changes approximately every 3 seconds.

When buying:

When you place your order, you will receive an indication of how much precious metal you will receive for your money according to current prices. The amount of gold that is credited to your account will be finally calculated as soon as your transfer is received by Bar9 (usually one to two working days after placing your order). This final quantity may vary upwards or downwards from the original indication, depending on how the world gold or silver price has changed in the meantime.

When selling:

You enter the quantity you wish to sell and your sales proceeds are immediately displayed in Euros. If you execute this order, Bar9 will transfer the displayed amount to your account usually on the same day.

Pricing above 250k Euros

If you are buying or selling more than 250,000 EUR in precious metals, please contact us for a special rate and talk with us about our full service allocated segregated options.

Open your account in under 6 minutes

It has never been easier to protect your financial future and take full control of your money. It takes less than six minutes to sign up.

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Important Info

Dear customers,

The COVID-19 situation on the precious metal markets is very tense, the physical markets are almost sold out.

For Bar9 this means:

Gold purchases of up to 50,000 can currently still be easily processed online in your Bar9 account.

For larger gold orders and for purchases of silver, platinum and palladium, please contact us individually. Please use the following contact form. We will call you back immediately or write you an e-mail.

* this field is mandatory