Security and Transparency

The 3 Bar9 Guarantees

For Bar9 to usher in a new era of saving in hard assets instead of fiat money we must start with radical transparency and utilise the best in hard asset security standards. Below we outline the three guarantees we offer our clients.

Bar9 clients benefit from the pioneering work Vaultoro group has done on transparency protocols in the blockchain space as well as the strong partnerships we have solidified with the largest companies in the precious metals industry.

Guarantee No. 1

Highest Quality

As a customer of Bar9 GmbH you can be sure that you will always trade only precious metals of the worldwide highest quality level “good delivery”. This means that Bar9 only trades bars from manufacturers that are LBMA-certified (e.g. Argor, Valcambi, Perth Mint and others) – the decisive factor for the highest possible quality.

Furthermore, the entire precious metal stock is fully insured. Among its partners, Bar9 relies exclusively on renowned companies with an excellent history:

pro aurum Switzerland

Founded in 2003, pro aurum today is the leading competence center for precious metal in the DACH-area.  Bar9 trades all metals with pro aurum and the pro aurum Switzerland AG manages the vauling facility (Embraport near Zurich) Bar9 uses for it´s customers.

Mobiliar Versicherungen Bar9

Mobiliar Versicherungen

Mobiliar insurance was established in 1826 and is headquartered in Bern Switzerland. All assets secured through Bar9 are 100% insured against theft, fire and more.


BDO auditing

BDO is one of the largest auditing firms in the world with a revenue of 9.6 billion in 2019. Bar 9 customers can sleep secure knowing that all metals have been independently verified to be at full reserve by BDO. 


Guarantee No. 2 - Secure Storage in Switzerland

Bar9 does not trade your precious metals, does not lend them and does not speculate: your precious metals, as your property, are always 100% stored in the Embraport vault. The Embraport Zurich (see map below) is one of the most reliable storage facilities in Switzerland. The precious metal storage facilities at Embraport meet the highest security requirements there are.

Furthermore, the current precious metal stock is confirmed every month by our vaulting manager (pro aurum Switzerland).
Once a year the full stock is audited and confirmed by the independent auditing company BDO Switzerland.  

Zürcher Freilager AG Embraport

Embraport Zurich

Your precious metals are stored in the Swiss high-security storage facility “Embraport” (8424 Embrach, Switzerland).

Bar9 Guarantee No. 3

Unique Flexibility

Bank working hours are a thing of the past! At Bar9 you have access to your precious metals around the clock, 365 days a year. In addition, our customer service is available to you by e-mail, chat and also by telephone during German working hours.

Your gold is not “fixed”: With Bar9 you can sell fractions of gold. So, for example, if you need € 224.54 to pay a car payment, you can sell gold worth exactly    € 224.54 and have it transferred to your bank account. Save in real assets, but still be able to draw on these real values whenever you want!

In addition, Bar9 offers you the possibility to have your gold sent to your home address. Larger quantities of gold can also be collected directly from the Bar9 warehouse in Switzerland.

Swiss esteem

Data privacy

Bar9 is a bank-independent solution for your wealth. Discretion belongs to the DNA of Bar9 GmbH

As well as legal privacy, Bar9 offers the most cutting edge in advanced technical privacy. All client data is fully encrypted and salted. All web traffic is encrypted through SSL which means that symmetric cryptography is used to encrypt all data transmitted via the web keeping clients private and secure.

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