The Glass Books protocol

Radical Transparency

At Bar9 we believe that the future of banking and investing should be all about full transparency so that anyone can view 

How to audit bar9.

Every Bar9 client receives a private ID that only they know. They can then log out of there account so we don’t know that they are checking and check this audit page.

On this page, we publish every private ID with the amount of gold and silver that account has. This enables every customer to check that we are above reserve. A huge step forward in security for the customer.

Step 1

Log in, go to settings and find your personal secret ID number

Step 2

Log out so we don’t know you’re checking and come back to this page. 


Step 3

Search for your secret ID and see that it has the correct amount of metal assigned to it. Now you can see the sum of everybody’s holdings and compare that the Vaulting statements published, BDO audit certificate and insurance paperwork. 


Glass Books Protocol

Private IDGold in gramsSilver in grams
Total10519.15 grams216991.89 grams


“Bar 9 and Vaultoro are both the most transperent and safe ways to buy store and sell gold and silver that I know.”

Klaus Czikowski

“The transparency that Bar9 offers is second to none. It affords me peace of mind and that’s the whole reason I hold 10% of my net worth in Bullion”

Reilly Forbes

“Wow, I love this service. I don’t trust ETF’s because they are intransparent and I don’t actually own the gold in an ETF.  I found Bar9 after reading an article about the security of physical allocated gold. Thanks for creating this service with such transparency.”

Jimmy Tillman

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